Impact of Nutrient Management on Yield and Quality of Betel Leaf

volume 2  , Issue 3  , Page 13 -  18
Document Type : Research Articles
Abu Hena Faisal Fahim 1   Mst. Shamsun Naher 2   Md. Abdul Wadud 3   Rumpa Sarker 4   Md. Jahangir Alam 5  
1Scientific Officer ( (Agronomy), Spices Research entre, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Shibganj, Bogra, Bangladesh
2Scientific Officer, Spices Research Centre, BARI, Shibganj, Bogra, Bangladesh.
3Scientific Officer, Spices Research Centre, BARI, Shibganj, Bogra, Bangladesh.
4Scientific Officer (Horticulture), Spices Research Sub-Centre, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Faridpur, Bangladesh
5Scientific Officer, Soil Science Division, BARI, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

The experiment was conducted at Spices Research Centre, Shibganj, Bogra, Bangladesh during kharif season 2013-14 and continued in 2014-15 to determine optimum dose of N, P and K in combination with organic & inorganic source and to assess the effect of N, P and K on the yield and quality of betel leaf. The land was medium high and the soil was silty loam in texture. The experiment was laid out in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications. Different fertilizer doses viz. N = 0, 50, 100, 150 kg ha-1, P = 0, 22, 44 kg ha-1 and K= 0, 21, 42 kg ha-1 were considered as treatment. The treatment combinations were T1 = N0P0K0, T2 = N0P22K21, T3 = N50P22K21, T4 = N100P22K21, T5 = N150P22K21, T6 = N150P44K21, T7 = N150P44K42, T8 = N100P0K21, T9 = N100P44K21, T10 = N100P22K0 and T11 = N100P22K42. The total amount of N as per treatment was top dressed in 8 equal splits at 45 days’ interval. The sources of N were 50% from Urea and 50% from mustard oil cake. Betel leaf advanced line BL-018 was used as a test crop. The highest leaf yield (59000 bira ha-1 in 2013-14 & 142200 bira ha-1 in 2014-15) was obtained from the treatment T11 = N100P22K42 which was identical to T9 = N100P44K21 (55370 bira ha-1 in 2013-14 & 123500 bira ha-1 in 2014-15) and T4 = N100P22K21 (51590 bira ha-1 in 2013-14 & 120600 bira ha-1 in 2014-15). The lowest leaf yield (26030 bira ha-1 in 2013-14 & 57090 bira ha-1 in 2014-15) was recorded from T1 = N0P0K0 (1 bira= 80 leaves). It was concluded that N100P22K42, N100P44K21 and N100P22K21 kg ha-1may be the good alternative for betel leaf cultivation where 50% N was supplied from urea and 50% from mustard oil cake. Among them N100P22K42 kg ha-1would be the best due to less disease infestation, higher productivity and higher economic return.



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